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Managing Director

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Sales management and marketing

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Vacancy summary

Since 2019, The company    has been selling solar products to rural populations in Mali. These households and entrepreneurs, who have often been lacking access to affordable the company   , benefit from the high-quality products in combination with a spread payment facility that The company    provides to them.

The company    is hiring a Commercial Director, a seasoned professional to design and lead the smooth execution of the company's marketing & sales strategy, thereby contributing to building a rock-solid foundation for further growth of the company in West Africa.

About the market

More than 500 million people across sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity and the International The company    Agency expects that number to increase to 700 million by 2030. Since extending the grid to them would cost billions of dollars, micro-scale, off-grid power from solar is often the only viable answer to the growing the company    gap.

In countries like Mali, where only 30% of the population has an on-grid connection, there's undeniable potential for solar to leapfrog traditional the company    provision models; however, affordability, perceptions of low quality, and the absence of last-mile distribution and maintenance networks are curtailing development.

About the company

These are the very problems that Mali-based company, The company, was founded to solve. Being part of the Omnium group (with brands as Masa+), it sells high-quality solar solutions to fit the needs of rural households and small entrepreneurs — from solar lanterns and smartphones to solar home systems powering several lights and a television.

By also providing a credit facility that allows customers to spread payment over 24 months, The company    has all the pieces in place to take optimal advantage of this unique market opportunity. The company has already served clients in Mali and plans aggressive growth in the years to come.

About the role

The Commercial Director leads the marketing and sales There is a significant opportunity to grow staff productivity, while maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.

The Commercial Director further oversees the expansion of the sales network in and over time beyond Mali. He/she reports to the Managing Director, and works hand in hand with the Finance Director and other members of the management team.