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This Purpose of Position will be used in the L'ONG or local Careers site, and if applicable, advertisements. Please describe the role in 2-3 concise sentences. Focus on the core of what this role is supposed to achieve. Describe the purpose of this position and how this position contributes to achieving department objectives and the management and performance of others.


The L'ong network of microfinance institutions is part of L'ong . The position of Transformation Impact Manager, L'ong  (Country), must “promote the L'ong  Way” within L'ong  (Country).


This will be achieved by seeking to integrate our Christian faith and identity throughout L'ong 's work with boldness and humility by:

  • Ensuring L'ong  (Country) staff live out our Christian faith in all we do as reflected in strategy, ministry and organisational practices.
  • Leading the Impact function within the organization, ensuring that our work results in positive financial, social, spiritual impact.
  • Equip staff to follow Jesus' incarnational ministry model of servant leadership and of deep client listening.
  • Setting strategic knowledge management priorities to ensure that faith & development knowledge is leveraged as a strategic asset to enhance impact.
  • Adapting and developing resources (reflecting branding, communication and F&D priorities) that will influence and deepen all staffs understanding of WV's Christian identity and how it informs our approach to work and delivery of financial services.
  • Championing, modelling and supporting the living out of WV's faith and calling through equipping of leaders and staff (including staff of different faiths; reflect denominational diversity and other-faith sensitivities, where appropriate.)
  • Ensuring our Christian faith informs and supports the delivery of high quality financial services and non-financial services (e.g. training of clients), and external engagement in delivering L'ong  (Country)'s mission mandates and impact of faith.


The role requires influence and must lead, guide and initiate processes for positioning L'ong  (Country) as a leading Christian MFI.


The role must create spiritually nurturing environments at head office and branch level that enable staff and leaders to successfully live out their vocational call and WV's mission through providing guidance, spiritual support and fostering an environment of prayer. The role will keep L'ong 's commitment to wise stewardship in the forefront of the organisation's decision-making.

Some of the key measures of success in this role will be:


  • Greater alignment and capacity to live out our faith in alignment to L'ong 's Our Promise, L'ong International's 2030 Strategy (particularly the areas of impact and Faith & Development), and L'ong (Country)'s strategic plan.
  • Evidence of integration of our Christian faith and its impact in the way we deliver financial and non-financial services in the MFIs. Non-financial services extends to the way in which we work with clients, their families and communities.
  • That L'ong  is recognised as a distinctive Christian microfinance organization within the (Country)n microfinance sector.




List statements describing the final results of this position and method of accomplishments, and how results/performance are reviewed and measured.  Begin with the most important accountabilities.


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Provide strategy and operational leadership to accomplish L'ong  (Country)'s full mission impact.

  • Advise the L'ong  (Country) senior management team to lead and guide accomplishment of Our Promise Strategic Imperative 1 (Living out our Christian faith and calling with boldness and humility) within the organization.
  • Lead the faith & development function and the impact function within L'ong  (Country) to ensure that our work results in positive financial, social, spiritual impact.
  • Participate in strategic planning, business development and fundraising to support our ministry work.

L'ong  (Country) staff live out the organisation's faith and calling with boldness and humility.

Members of staff are passionate about transformational development and are able to articulate what it means to live L'ong /L'ong 's faith in our work.

L'ong  (Country) senior management team and all staff balance impact goals and financial goals in all strategies, and plans, and in all reviews of performance of the organization and of individuals.  


Develop staff capacity for accomplishing transformational development.

  • Help shape and participate in recruitment processes to ensure new staff are aligned with L'ong  (Country)'s full mission (financial, social, spiritual).
  • Participate as a trainer in new staff orientation as well as ongoing staff development to inculcate in our staff the culture of transformational development, stewardship, excellence in client care, operational excellence, and client protection.
  • Conduct extensive field visits and shadow loan officers, supervisors, and branch managers to understand the realities on the ground. Provide coaching and mentoring to branch managers to establish a strong mission focus and a healthy organizational culture within each branch.
  • Lead and cascade the Mission Immersion Programmme for all L'ong  (Country) Staff.
  • Oversee training and program development in biblically Empowered Worldview, and embed this approach into the DNA of our operations. This will include working with L'ong  International (F&D and Training) and L'ONG  to contextualize Empowered Worldview client training resources. This position will oversee piloting and then roll out of client training in L'ong  (Country).


L'ong  (Country) capacity to measure impact improves; and the results of impact measurement are used to inform management decision-making. Over time, client outcomes improve.

Recruitment for mission-fit, development of an “empowered worldview” organizational culture, and professional and spiritual staff development result in decreased staff turn-over, and improved Our Voice results.




Provide direction and management to impact monitoring and other holistic M&E activities.

  • Supervise staff to ensure accurate and timely collection of impact-related indicators.
  • Serve as on-site lead for the Holistic Community Assessment process (will receive training in this method, along with support of an international consultant)


As above.


Provide spiritual care to L'ong  (Country) staff.

Facilitate spiritually nurturing environments that enable staff and leaders to successfully live out their vocational call and L'ong 's mission through providing guidance, support and fostering an environment of prayer and spiritual growth.

L'ong  (Country) staff are equipped to lead effective devotions, and provide spiritual support as needed.

Staff members of all faiths (and none) are included, valued, and supported.


Provide support to other VF MFI Transformational Impact Managers.

Support roll out of Empowered Worldview and Mission Immersion program globally through hosting field visits, supporting as a trainer in other countries, and participating in the VFI F&D learning community.


Active and effective support provided to these processes and trainings.


Perform any other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the CEO.





List education, knowledge & skills, licenses preferred, and all experiences required to perform this position in a fully competent manner.


  1. Education at a minimum of Bachelor degree level
  2. A proven strategic thinker
  3. Computer literacy; strong computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity
  5. Commitment and ability to develop others
  6. Ability to integrate teams of professionals around common goals.
  7. Strong presentation skills.



List additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.

  1. More than 5 years' work experience including experience in leadership and training.
  2. More than 5 years' experience working (including unpaid work) in a church or other Christian faith community, demonstrating spiritual leadership to others, a prayerful approach to work and a commitment to own spiritual development and discernment
  3. Experience working in the development sector (e.g. NGO or missionary work) – with  microfinance, banking or other business experience as an added advantage.
  4. Demonstrates Christ-centred life and work attitude/approach that speaks to a deep and personal commitment to Christ.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and listen deeply to people from high-poverty contexts.
  6. Demonstrated ability to work sensitively and effectively with people from different church backgrounds and cultural contexts and nationalities, and also with people of different faiths or those who may profess to have no belief system.
  7. Excellent training and coaching skills and ability to develop own training methods and materials
  8. Strong interpersonal, diplomatic and negotiating skills, ability to influence and exercise discretion
  9. A proven track record of building external relationships and negotiating mutually beneficial partnerships.