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General Manager H/F


General Manager H/F

Reports to: Director
Dotted reporting line to: Director

As the General Manager, you will be responsible for leading and managing the overall business concerns, your duties will include developing and implementing growth, operational and strategic plans as well as supporting process improvement initiatives. You will work closely with the Director to establish business plan, goals and objectives for growth and to increase revenue. Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:

? Lead the strategic development of the organization and its countrywide expansion
? Lead the achievements of company targets and champion the company culture
? Lead the day-to-day activities of the Country office and provide leadership to direct reports and the entire Country staff.
? Plan, coordinate and manage all business operations to achieve organizational goals
? Implement best practices for cost tracking and optimisation process.
? Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations
? Develop and maintain an all round customer-oriented culture.
? Support the budgeting process and general long-term financial planning
? Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing program and recommend improvements
? Ascertain industry best practices to identify new ways to drive customer satisfaction.
? Analyze technology and distribution network trends, recommend, champion and implement changes as appropriate.
? Track, analyze and communicate key performance metrics.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
- Bachelor's Degree (or Higher, MBA, Masters)
- Extensive experience in e-commerce, logistics, fintech
- A minimum of 5 years hands-on managerial experience in a midsized to a large operations
- Great personality with exceptional written and oral communication skills.
- Excellent organizational, management and leadership skills
- Experience in sales and building relationships would be an asset.