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Material Controller / Tracker


The Material Controller / Tracker Project is dedicated to one specific Project.

The Material Controller / Tracker will be based in Senegal. And he reports hierarchically to the Fabrication Site Manager to whom he is assigned.

The position covers the co-ordination, the tracking and the follow up of equipment, materials and consumables to be used during the Project execution.



  • Responsible for the identification and the tracking of all equipment, material and consumables used for and during the Project, throughout its movement from mobilisation to demobilisation locations.
  • Liaise with all parties within the project to consolidate, update and follow the Master Material List which is the exhaustive list of all equipment, material & consumables purchased, rented and / or fabricated by the project.
  • Ensure all parties are informed in due time of the flow of material in and out, especially the local logistic entities, to allow smooth and efficient flow.
  • Provide on a regular basis, at least once a week, the Master Material List and report through this list any delays, dysfunctions, or particulars which could affect the project.
  • Liaise with countries and ships/ barges organisations (in-countries logistic teams, ships/barges/yards storekeepers) for tracking all movements and storages.
  • Ensure that all paper works necessary for identification, clearance and transportation such as cargo manifest, packing list, air waybill, material certificate, dangerous goods declaration, are available to local countries organisations and to Project's entities.     


Quantity survey

  • Keep records of all free-issued items delivered to the yard, including drawings and specifications, with reception dates and condition/status in order to establish their compliance to commitment to the contract. In case of delays check with Site Team which party is holding the responsibility for the delay.
  • Keep track of all schedule contractual milestone on both and the fabricator side and a record of the reasons for delay if any.
  • Reviews all drawings sent to the yard and keep tracks of all MTOs.
  • Reviews all piping drawings and 3D models and establishes a precise estimate for painting and insulation quantities
  • Keeps an up to date Matrix of Quantities for the contractual aspects of the project (Structure weights, number of welds, changes in design etc.) in order to be able to predict accurately the EAC of the site fabrication.
  • Keeps an accurate record of the work time, personnel, equipment of vendors mobilised on site and communicate the relevant information to the office SCM person in charge of their subcontract 


  1. External Interfaces:
    • Suppliers relative to purchase and / or rent of specific equipment, consumables
    • Fabrication yard
    • Customs clearance officer
  2. Internal Interfaces:
    • All involved Projects Entities and Departments
    • GPC and AMEC in-countries logistic teams
  1. Past experience in a similar position (logistic, store keeping, inventory control and material control task), quantity surveillance.
  2. Preferably, experience in Oil and Gas business.
  3. Excellent communications skills.
  4. Good knowledge of spoken and written English mandatory.
  5. Good knowledge of standard office softwares.