UMO est présent dans quatre pays: Sénégal | Mali | Burkina Faso | Cote d'Ivoire
Sales and Marketing Manager

The Regional Sales and Marketing Manager will be responsible for leadership of product and service sales and marketing . He/She will be responsible for delivering on business plan sales and marketing targets to meet donor and head office commitments. He/She will lead the organisations sales team of approximately 90 staff across 12 countries through direct management of 3 Commercial Managers (based in Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire and Cameroon) and a regional office marketing team of 1-2 staff. He/she will also play an important role on the senior management team which is responsible for the overall leadership of the organisation.



  • Plan and execute a marketing strategy for new and existing products and services in all countries in the region with a view to growing both market share and the total market for each product
  • Develop research-driven annual marketing plans to budget, and develop and execute marketing campaigns for each product and service on all channels. Continually review and adjust the marketing plan where necessary
  • Be the “guardian” of each of the brands ensuring that brand integrity is maintained at all times
  • Work with the knowledge management team to understand markets, customer insights and trends, and competitor activity, and identify and fill gaps in data, to ensure teams understand their markets and campaigns are well targeted to maximize return on marketing investment
  • Contract and manage relationships with advertising and design agencies, media agencies, printers, and other suppliers of marketing related materials.
  • Ensure the entreprise is viewed by all stakeholders as being market leader and catalytic in the positive transformation of private sector markets in the region by seizing opportunities to present the entreprise and its products and services
  • Constantly seek out new business opportunities, for example by expanding product portfolios, expanding into new territories, and reaching new customer groups
  • Oversee region-wide sales for all products and services including leadership of the entreprise's sales teams in each country. Ensure business plan volume and revenue targets are achieved for all products and services
  • Oversee debtor management and cash collection in each country in line with the entreprise's policies
  • Work with Commercial Managers and Sales Supervisors to contract distributors and wholesalers to maximize distribution coverage
  • Work with sales team supervisors to ensure that sales teams are highly trained, operate with planning and precision, and have the materials they need to maximize sales
  • Any other duties reasonably requested by the Regional Director

In addition to his/her sales and marketing duties, as a member of the senior management team, the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager will work closely with the Regional Director and other Senior Managers to provide overall strategic direction and ensuring the entreprise remains consistently focused on its missions and values, by:


  • providing leadership and direction for all staff, setting an effective agenda and ensuring performance goals are set and met
  • ensuring that the organisation remains mission focused, and that the organisation's culture and team member's behavior reflect the values of the organisation
  • participating in the development and implementation of strategic, business and operational plans
  • Where required, representing the organization to the government, donors, the public, and other stakeholders and partners. Always be an advocate for the organisation and its mission


Required Skills / Abilities


  • A thorough understanding of both marketing and sales, and at least 10 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership positions.
    • Experience with healthcare products preferable.
    • Experience with remote management (managing a team from another country) preferable
    • Experience in Francophone West and / or Central Africa preferable
  • The ability to travel frequently, and to spend significant time in the field understanding customers, and getting a hands-on feel for sales teams, customers, market conditions, promotional opportunities and competitor activity
  • The ability to drive sales and hit targets in often challenging market conditions
  • The ability to manage budgets and make value-for-money decisions
  • Experience creating, editing and rolling out mass media, below-the-line, and digital marketing campaigns, including measuring impact by channel
  • Skilled in both creative and analytical thinking to ensure that DKT campaigns are trend- setting, impactful and answer to consumer needs and wants
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills including the ability to inspire, guide and support teams and 3rd party partners across countries
  • Fluent in both French and English, both verbal and written