UMO est présent dans quatre pays: Sénégal | Mali | Burkina Faso | Cote d'Ivoire
Hub Manager ( côte d'ivoire)

The Côte d'Ivoire  Commercial Manager is responsible for leading operations in Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso,  Benin, Togo, and Niger. Other countries may be added or removed from this portfolio at a later date.

Commercial Manager Responsibilities:

  • As the Commercial Manager you will oversee all sales and marketing activities in your  countries. With guidance from the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, you will  develop and implement sales and marketing strategies for your territories to ensure  growth and deliver on territory business plan objectives.
  • You will build highly motivated, highly effective, results-driven, sales and marketing teams  in each country consisting of both medical and FMCG sales representatives and clinical  trainers. You will deploy these teams to conduct sales and detailing calls, train  pharmacists and healthcare providers, carry out trade marketing and consumer  promotional events, and any other activities that will maximise sales.
  • You will build strong networks of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in each country  to maximise distribution coverage. You will work closely with these partners to manage  stock in the pipeline, and run trade and point-of-sale promotional campaigns.
  • You will be responsible for collecting payment on all sales. You will ensure that credit is  issued only in accordance with the entreprise's credit guidelines, and that payments are collected  within the allotted timeframe (e.g. 60 days from the date of sale).
  • With guidance from regional teams, you will source printers, media buying agencies, and  any other 3rd parties required for you to implement your sales and marketing plans.  Depending on local regulations you may also have to contract and work through medical  promotion agencies to manage pharmaceutical and medical device promotion and sales.
  • You will also grow relationships with strategic external stakeholders that can support  growth e.g. donors, other NGOs and the Ministry of Health.
  • You will constantly seek out new opportunities for sales growth e.g. through expanding  distribution, experimenting with new promotion ideas, developing new sales channels  and incentive schemes. You will constantly seek out and pursue new opportunities to  improve efficiency and cost effectiveness throughout the organisation
  • You will provide on-the-ground support to regional teams on activities such as product  registration, donor reporting, and research.
  • You will also be the“eyes and ears” of  regional teams by watching for new developments in markets and competitor activities,  and feeding back to regional teams.
  • Back-office teams (financial, logistics, and operational managers) will not report directly  to you (they will report to their respective regional managers), but they will have a  dotted line to you, and you will ensure that the office runs smoothly and as a single well-  co-ordinated unit. You will be required from time to time to act as the representative for  the General Manager of Cote d'Ivoire, for example by signing official documentation  under a Power of Attorney.
  • You will ensure expenditure against business plan and donor budgets is always on track


  • You will ensure that activities in your territories are always in compliance with policies, as well as with government and donor policies and local laws, for example  ensuring that the entreprise has obtained the necessary permissions from the government to  operate. (You will not be responsible for registering products – this is carried out by a  separate team).
  • You will manage risk in the business by identifying and mitigating against, and / or  responding to, changes in the environment, competitor activity, changes in donor trends  or anything else that could prevent or delay achieving objectives
  • Any other related responsibility that the Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, or  Regional Director assigns.